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5 Great Ways to Make Your Wedding Venue Stand Out


The venue is arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding. After all, it is at this special place where you’re going to exchange vows with the love of your life, right? So, every bride and groom will make it a point to choose the venue that is extra special.

With a ton of options out there, how can you make the venue stand out so that you will be the talk of the town once you exchange your “I Dos”? Read on to find out some tips!

1. Get a Good Wedding Planner

The wedding event planner is tasked to make sure that your wedding is going to be extra special. They will be the ones to make the venue stand out, but you have to provide some information that will help them achieve your dream place.

First, tell them what your theme is going to be. Second, what colors do you want to see predominantly at the wedding venue? Third, do you have any flowers, in particular, you want to place on the tables or you just want them to decide for you? Giving them such information can really help make your ideas come into fruition. So, do not be sparse with the details!

2. Have Different Services Ready


If you want to be unique and you want your venue to stand out, make sure to do something different. If most couples prefer one design over the other, choose that “other” design to help make your venue stand out.

Even though you have the need to be unique, do not be too outlandish about it or you will come off as someone who just wants to stand out just for the sake of it. You still want your venue to be different in a way that doesn’t come off-putting.

3. Allow Flexibility

There are just some venue ideas that just do not allow the kind of uniqueness that you want. Therefore, you have to have more room for flexibility by accepting that there are some things that cannot be implemented.

For instance, if your wedding planner tells you that a certain aesthetic does not match the motif, then you do not push through with it.

4. Get a Good Venue with Great Rates

Wedding venues are offered in a variety of prices. You don’t want to choose the cheapest because it might not offer the best services and you do not want ones that are too expensive as it will burn a hole in your pocket.

The best compromise would be to choose a venue that is just in the middle of the price bracket. Look at the actual place and have a gander on the services that they offer and decide if you want to take that venue or not.


5. Ask for Some Suggestions

Although your wedding planner has ways to make your chosen venue stand out more, there is no harm in asking your friends and family for some suggestions. It is safe to ask from them since they’re the ones who know you a lot and they know your personality,your likes and dislikes, among other things.



5 Amazing Wedding Planning Tips

Weddings and engagements are always full of joy, love and plenty of positive possibilities. However, planning a wedding, according to a professional wedding event organizer, is not all about love and happiness. It is a long and challenging process. Are you wondering where to start? These 5 tips will help you start your wedding planning journey.

1. Set a budget.

One of the first things you should do is to set your wedding’s overall budget. You need to contemplate on your priorities to be able to turn your wedding vision to reality.

2. Select your wedding venue well.

If you are planning to book a popular wedding event, make sure to do so at least a couple of years ahead of time. Since locations like these need to be booked in advance, make sure that you are flexible with your dates.

Take note that you can’t book food, beverage, entertainment and accommodation matters until you have finalized the date and location of your wedding event. Make this your top priority. Once you have decided, invest on a wedding insurance.

3. Book your vendors and suppliers.

Now that you have finalized your wedding venue, it’s time to focus on other details. Have you found the right photographer, officiant, cake maker and entertainment suppliers? The best suppliers and vendors are very in demand, so to avoid disappointment, decide ahead of time.

4. Choose the dress.

Deciding on the perfect wedding dress can take time. It will require plenty of fittings, several months apart. Make sure to give your designer and tailors enough time to work on that dream dress. The planning part wouldn’t stop on the dress, though. You also need to finalize your shoes and other accessories.

5. Enjoy your special day.

You may be stressed and overwhelmed, but don’t forget that this is your wedding day, and you should make the most out of your special event. How to get through everything with minimal stress? Plan ahead. Prioritize efficiently. Enjoy the entire experience!

Web Design

5 Fantastic Web Design Tips to Help Kickstart Your Business

When you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you’re probably making enough sales just by catering to the local shoppers. However, if you want to expand and cater to the global market, then you will need to have a website.

Designing your website is critical because it can help increase your sales. So, without further ado, here are some killer web design tips from web development agency to help kickstart your business:

Always Observe the 5-Second Rule

Here is an interesting fact: did you know that the back button is the most used button on either mobile or desktop devices? Well, if you didn’t know that before, at least you do now.

People are always using the back button to get back to where they’ve started (probably in the search engine results page). They probably want to find a particular website that will satisfy their desires.

The thing is, the average attention span of people before they hit the back button is 5 seconds, hence, you need to follow the 5-second rule.

Basically, make it a point to create a website that will instantly grab the attention of your visitors in as little as 5 seconds.

You might want to add some animations to entice them or you could add plenty of information on your homepage to try and lure your customers into buying (but do not use shady tactics, okay?).

Devise a Plan of Action

The thing about web design is that it is much like building a structure from the ground-up. To help you create a website with relative ease, you should come up with a plan. You could start by wireframing some ideas. If some ideas do not work, you can then add, replace, or remove them entirely.

Don’t Forget to Futureproof It

Websites need to be dynamic and it has to be future-proof as well. Here are some ways you can do so:

  • Make sure that your website loads fast and it runs smoothly no matter what platform a person uses
  • Do an occasional audit of your site to ensure that it is bug-free
  • Optimize everything so that it will not take time to load everything up

As new trends emerge, try to incorporate those as well to keep your web pages modern and fresh.

Launch a Beta Program

Much like designing an app or a software, developers make sure to release a beta version for real users to test.

The same principle can be applied here. Once everything is set and you have done some internal testing, you may want to launch a beta version of your website first.

Add an option for visitors to leave feedback so that you can adjust accordingly. Ask them to be truthful and report any errors and anomalies that they can find. And perhaps, you can also tell them to give suggestions while they’re at it.

Keep Things Simple

You want your potential customers to know exactly where to go to, say, purchase something directly on your site.

Perhaps you can add a “Buy Now” button on your homepage so that they can instantly buy whatever it is that you’re offering.

Or, if you have an extensive product catalog, either separate them by categories or you could implement an internal search engine to help make things easier for your customers.

Also, using a minimalistic design helps, but please make sure to use images on your products to help them know what the item actually is.

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