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What is a Stop Loss and Why is It Important in Trading?


The best stock market investment and the betting exchanges like Matchbook and Betfair all have one thing in common: they are all volatile. Prices change every second and your trades or bets will win or lose depending on certain conditions.

Another common thing about the three is that no one can ever win all of the time. There may be times where lady luck smiles on you and you win consecutive trades, but this is not to say that it will happen each and every day.

Although you cannot control the way the market moves, you can control your losses. In this article, I will talk about one tactic that is so useful to protect your capital. It is known as the Stop Loss Order and you should use it to hedge your assets.

What is a Stop Loss Order?

Also known simply as the Stop Loss, this is a tactic where you offset your current trade with the intention of exiting once a certain price level is reached. In other words, you set a limit and once that threshold is reached, you exit the trade, minimizing your losses in the process.

Why is it Important?

As you can see, the stop order is crucial if you’re trading because it stops the trade whenever the market is not in your favor. Keep in mind that the market doesn’t really care about you; it only cares where it wants to move depending on a number of key factors.

Anyway, this is important for just about any trader out there because the main reason why we want to trade is so that you will earn profits, correct? And, you can only do that if you know how to protect it at all costs.

That being said, here are some reasons why it is important:

1. To Help Protect Your Money if the Market Doesn’t Favor You

Prices in the betting exchange or in the stock market changes erratically and no one can predict when and where it will move. The only sure way you can do is to make sure that you employ measures that will safeguard your assets and the stop loss is definitely one of them.

2. You Can’t Lose Money

I know this is not going to happen all of the time, but whenever the market moves in a different direction than you’ve anticipated, you simply cannot lose money. You’re certainly not going to earn one since you’ve lost, but at least, you’re not losing your profits at the same time.

3. Different Bets, Same Exit

On the betting exchange like Betfair, for example, you place an initial bet on a particular horse that you truly feel would win. However, during the race, you clearly see that the horse is not going to win at all.  So before the race stops, you can easily put a stop loss to ensure that you do not lose money during your imminent loss.


A stop loss is definitely a tactic that you should include in your toolkit. It can safeguard your assets from potential market factors, especially if it is not going in your favor.

Mobile App

Significance And Its Important Benefits Of Having Educational Mobile Applications

The popular and cool applications rule over the exhausting examination and exams, and students with no uncertainty, love the applications. With the education applications, the students can gain knowledge and information. The mobile applications are the most intuitive and valuable approach to draw in the students towards studies and upgrade their profitability. These mobile applications have realized some pivotal changes in the education business, as the vast majority of the organizations, educational exercise focuses, and teachers are connecting with the application based on the smartphone app development.


The main choice for the students to peruse books, was by visiting the library. The inventive devices of today make it simple for them to practice their exercises in a powerful and in an intuitive way. The applications are accessible for a wide range of ability levels and help picking up utilizing an assortment of showing strategies. These applications guarantee intelligent and successful learning, by changing the exhausting exercises and helping them to visualize each and everything.


The mobile applications are accessible anytime. Application learning isn’t time-bound adapting, rather it is loosened up learning. Education applications work the best in regards to this issue, as they are accessible day in and day out, and the students can contemplate according to their benefit.


With the progression of innovation and presentation of education applications, students are not required to contribute their time and cash to purchase the required examination material from the shops and libraries. These applications help the students who can’t visit the library all the time. Educational applications additionally assist the perusers with discovering an assortment of eBooks with a simple snap.


Using an applications have turned into a piece of the every day schedule, whether you watch a video while in transit to work or play games at lunch, your telephone is dependably with you. The applications can be the steady colleagues for the students, as they are accessible anyplace. With the assistance of applications, learning won’t be kept to the classroom alone, as the applications enable them to bring their learning into their very own hands and they can study and test themselves anytime in the day.


You can track your children’s progress, which is a standout among the most critical things that each parent needs to learn. It is simple for the guardians to track their students, subject progress and guide them.


There are applications, which are intended for learning as well as to remain refreshed about the grounds occasions, timetables, cautions and other vital data. These applications help the kids and additionally their folks to get moment reports in regards to the critical things they miss.

Learning is no more a detached movement, it’s dynamic with applications. Thusly, the exercises changing to amusements can change the substance of education. The previously mentioned advantages are sufficient to demonstrate the value of the education applications, yet the applications have much more to offer. Innovation has helped a considerable measure to make a worldwide stage for learning and additionally distinguished the concealed abilities and gifts of the students

Stem Cell

Stem Cells In Minimizing the Risk on Damaged Hearts Treatment

A Subset of Stem Cells Might Hold the Key to Minimizing the Risks in the Treatment of Damaged Hearts

Adult stem cells have the ability to differentiate into the other cells found in the body. Also known as Mesenchymal cells, the stem cells that are found in the bone marrow can be used in the treatment of patients who have had a heart attack.

A Myocardial Infarction or better known as the “Heart Attack” is actually a common occurrence, especially for people of old age and for persons who do not have their diets in check.

Heart attacks are quite common. In fact, according to a recent survey, there is at least one heart attack happening every 43 seconds in America. That is pretty alarming, but when you think about it, a lot of people nowadays do not follow a healthy meal plan.

Stem Cells In Minimizing the Risk on Damaged Hearts TreatmentThat being said, a Myocardial Infarction can damage the tissue that is surrounding the heart. What does this mean? Well, the short of it is that your heart must operate at twice the performance just to pump blood and this can really put a lot of strain on the organ.

This can result in a number of medical conditions including the weakening of the heart, among various others.

Because of its common occurrence, plenty of scientists are looking for ways to use Mesenchymal cells to fully treat the condition. In fact, we are already using the said stem cells in treating people who have suffered from Myocardial Infarction. However, the results are transient and it just really shows how limited our knowledge is when it comes to using the Mesenchymal cells.

However, that is probably about to change. Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has created a study that is led by Joshua Mayourian. The scientists have used a computer to simulate a mathematical model that mimics the electrical interactions that are happening in the heart.

This model aims to look at the heart cells so that the Mesenchymal cells can be more effective in the future. It is also used to help detect possible side effects and so that the doctors can easily fix the problem if any would arise in the therapy procedure.

It was also found out that one particular subset of Mesenchymal cells holds the key to trigger the tissue restoration process surrounding the heart.

What the scientists are looking into now is to actually use this particular subset of stem cells so that they can better devise a proper treatment method that has long-lasting effects for Stem Cells In Minimizing the Risk on Damaged Hearts Treatmentpeople who have suffered from a heart attack.

The mathematical model is actually quite useful as it can help doctors pinpoint the exact location as to where the stem cells should be infused. Perhaps, it can also be used to further the advancements of other stem cells in the body as well so that we will know exactly how to use them for future treatment procedures.

As of now, Mayourian and his colleagues are still using the mathematical model to fully unlock how to utilize Mesenchymal cells for treating heart attack sufferers.


Typical Event Planning Problems and Easy Event Planning Solutions

Planning an event is a stressful and overwhelming routine. It is a huge challenge, but with a little help from your event planner, you will definitely get through it. Trust me, they can make your life much easier.

Along the event planning process, you may encounter unexpected circumstances that can need to be addressed immediately. You must learn how to handle these little unforeseen mishaps, scheduling conflicts and vendor-related matters. Read the examples below.

Problem #1: There is very limited space with a difficult layout.

The solution:

Make detailed floorplans to make the most out of the space. Planning everything in essential to make sure that all of your guests will be comfortable enough to move around. Also, if you have some activities, you need to ensure that it can be done in an appropriate space.

Small spaces can make guests feel very cramped, while extremely large venues can have a boring and sterile vibe. You should transform your event venue in a unique way. Incorporate the theme, and see to it that your attendees can mingle without properly.

Problem #2: Attracting a crowd during the winter months.

The solution:

Create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere. It’s true that convincing people to attend an event during the coldest months of the year can be a challenge. Early nights and poor weather can push people indoors. However, with amazing decorations and designs, you can attract people to forget about the weather. Moreover, with the help of social media and email marketing, you can reach out to these who wish to hibernate.

Problem #3: Losing attendees’ attention.

The solution:

This is a problem even an experienced event planner faces. You need to create excitement and intrigue around the event. Of course, guests would love to be welcomed and captivated. Why not post on your social media page during the work week? This can make your potential guests feel enthusiastic about the occasion. This may seem easy, but it is actually one of the biggest challenges in the event planning field. 

If you really want to get hold of your guests’ attention for quite a while, create a sharp, inclusive and intimate design. In case you have performances, break them into videos, graphics and other activities. You wouldn’t want any dead air, or boring minutes.

Problem #4: Uncooperative weather.

The solution:

Uncooperative weather is one of the biggest challenges of every event. Make sure to prepare back-up plan and supplies. Hurricanes and snowstorms can easily close down your event. However, simple rain showers, snowfall and extreme heat can be a bit manageable. Do your homework, and prepare a backup strategy. Go to the supermarket ahead of time for the necessary supplies.

Problem #5: A long list of people in attendance.

The solution:

Prepare crowd control tactics. Is your event big enough to require a meticulous crowd control strategy? If yes, then in a way you should feel happy, since several unexpected guests mean that you did good marketing.

Don’t turn away the rest of the people. Instead, learn how to manage the situation in an efficient, organized way. Protect your guests from unpleasant things. Organize a neat line for everyone, and encourage a stress-free, fun environment.


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