5 Amazing Wedding Planning Tips

October 17, 2018

Weddings and engagements are always full of joy, love and plenty of positive possibilities. However, planning a wedding, according to a professional wedding event organizer, is not all about love and happiness. It is a long and challenging process. Are you wondering where to start? These 5 tips will help you start your wedding planning journey.

1. Set a budget.

One of the first things you should do is to set your wedding’s overall budget. You need to contemplate on your priorities to be able to turn your wedding vision to reality.

2. Select your wedding venue well.

If you are planning to book a popular wedding event, make sure to do so at least a couple of years ahead of time. Since locations like these need to be booked in advance, make sure that you are flexible with your dates.

Take note that you can’t book food, beverage, entertainment and accommodation matters until you have finalized the date and location of your wedding event. Make this your top priority. Once you have decided, invest on a wedding insurance.

3. Book your vendors and suppliers.

Now that you have finalized your wedding venue, it’s time to focus on other details. Have you found the right photographer, officiant, cake maker and entertainment suppliers? The best suppliers and vendors are very in demand, so to avoid disappointment, decide ahead of time.

4. Choose the dress.

Deciding on the perfect wedding dress can take time. It will require plenty of fittings, several months apart. Make sure to give your designer and tailors enough time to work on that dream dress. The planning part wouldn’t stop on the dress, though. You also need to finalize your shoes and other accessories.

5. Enjoy your special day.

You may be stressed and overwhelmed, but don’t forget that this is your wedding day, and you should make the most out of your special event. How to get through everything with minimal stress? Plan ahead. Prioritize efficiently. Enjoy the entire experience!