5 Blockchain Web Development Tools

5 Blockchain Web Development Tools

January 17, 2019
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Blockchain is said to be the future of web development. For the uninitiated, it has many definitions, but I am going to refer to it as a group of blocks which are linked by using cryptography. Each block contains data that, as of the time of writing, cannot be accessed by anyone that is outside the network.

This simply means that it is going to change the way we do business in the near future. Thanks to its robust security features, more and more web developers are learning how to incorporate blockchain on their own websites.

That being said, to help you get started, you need to know some of the tools that will help you to achieve that.

Below are just some of the most widely used ones:

1. Solc

5 Blockchain Web Development Tools

Solc actually stands for Solidity Compiler and it is just the coding language that is used for the Ethereum chain.

As you know by the definition, blockchain is simply a growing list of blocks that contain information per block. Some parts of it are known as nodes and some nodes use Ethereum which consequently makes use on the Solc implementation as well.

There are two ways you can use this. You can either use solc.compile which doesn’t depend on any external node (like the Ethereum Node) or you can use the web3.eth.compile.solidity instead if you’re going to use a Node.

2. Mist

This tool is not only used to store Ether (from mining), but you can also use this to send transactions from within the chain as well. It is mainly created for Ethereum developers simply because it actually makes use of Ethereum for its processes.

You can use the tool to help you to develop your own dapps using the Ethereum Node or you can even use it in your test network as well.

3. Blockchain Testnet

If you want to start creating your own decentralized application using Ethereum or any other blockchain, you can use Blockchain testnet for that purpose.

4. Coinbase API

5 Blockchain Web Development Tools

This tool allows you to create the API that is necessary for the development of new Bitcoin applications. You can either create something from scratch or you can start integrating Bitcoin into already existing applications as well.

What you can do with this tool is that, it allows you to use a system that allows you to create certain things in the blockchain such as addresses, bitcoin wallets, and even portfolios.

Moreover, you are allowed to send, receive, and even trade Bitcoins if you please.

Lastly, it provides the necessary client libraries and mobile software development kits that are useful for any web developer.

5. BaaS

This tool’s name is actually an acronym for Blockchain as a Service. It was originally created by the Microsoft Azure development team and it is mainly used for blockchain web developers to help them build decentralized applications (dapps) in a more secure, and also cheaper, environment. It supports several blockchains including, but not limited to, Eris, MultiChain, Augur, and Storj.