6 Best Development Toys Your Baby Must Have

September 24, 2019

Purchasing baby development toys is not as easy as buying baby diapers in Malaysia. There are tons of choices around–it can be really overwhelming. Below are some of the toys you can consider for your child. Make sure to read this before baby shopping.

1.Flights of Fancy all about bird watching kit (£12) – Muddy Puddles

Let your child experience an outdoor learning experience early on wit this exciting bird watching kit. This is highly recommended for children 6 years and older.

2.Rory’s story cubes (£9.99) – storycubes.com

Rory’s story cubes is designed to develop social confidence, encourage creativity, and improve language development skills. The main idea here is that you roll the cubes, and use images to make up stories.

3.My Fairy Garden fairy kitchen garden (£11.99) – Argos

This is not really something you would consider as a baby developmental toy, though it’s good for teaching kids engaging ways to grow food. The kitchen garden comes with real pea seeds that you and your kid can grow.

4.Little Tikes wonder lab (£55.9) – Little Tikes

If your child wants to be a scientist when she grows up, this is the perfect toy for her. This toy requires a parental supervision, so playing with this is a great way to bond with your daughter.

5.National Geographic shark tooth dig kit (£9.99) – Amazon

This National Geographic kit allows your child to evacuate 3 real shark teeth fossils from multiple species of shark. It comes with all the things you need to discover and dig fossilized shark teeth, as well as a guide that will help you determine various species.

6.National Theatre Bookshop play in a box (£12.99) – National Theatre Bookshop

This play in a box is for little artists. Inside the box, you can find everything you need to act, direct and create plays. It has 8 setting cards, 30-character cards and more that contain various inspiration and ideas for budding directors and actors.