Best Barber Shop In KL

August 24, 2018

There are a lot of barber shops in Kuala Lumpur, but finding the best one might be exhausting and also ridiculously expensive. Do not worry, because there are actually many best barber shops in Kuala Lumpur that offer great services at great prices where you can get your hair done perfectly by the skilled barbers.

  1. Joe’s Barbershop. Founded by the hip-hop musician, Joe Flizzow, back in 2014, you can achieve your dream hairstyles and they offer not just basic services such as basic hairstyles and wax, but they also offer you unusual hairstyles they way you want it. The best thing about Joe’s Barbershop is that they have 9 different outlets for you to get your hair done, you can visit their website to get the location nearby you or simply call them to set up an appointment beforehand.
  2. The Oven Cuttery. Housed in the Battery Acid Club Cafe, this barber shop offers gents services such as beard trim that will cost you RM15, an old-fashioned straight razor shave with hot towel service which will cost you RM25 and haircuts that also comes with hot towel service that starts from RM38. Fun fact, this barber shop was founded by Kevin Tan who got skills from OTHRS Barbers. Also, you can have the chance to try out Mentega-line of oil-based pomade developed by the founder himself.
  3. Gentlemen’s Tonic Malaysia. Gentlemen’s Tonic targets middle to high-end of the markets. Besides Malaysia, it also has several branches all over the world including Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico and Moscow. Grooming that includes haircuts, razor head shaves and scalp treatment are the key services here. Oh, they also provide facial and massages too! Although their services are a bit pricey for a barber shop, it is actually reasonable for  the services that you will be getting.
  4. Sweeney Ted. If you are looking for a top-notch service barber shop and a very nice ambience, don’t miss out to visit Sweeney Ted! Founded and operated by Ted Lee, this barber shop’s owner is meticulous and takes his time in making sure the haircut is done perfectly. This barber shop also stock grooming products such as hair clay, beard oil and other grooming items from Burly Fellow and O’Douds. Just a heads up, make sure to make an appointment before coming here to avoid disappointment.
  5. 52 Barbers. Located at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, 52 Barbers managed by McBe which is also from OTHRS Barbers. Just like the other barber shops in Kuala Lumpur, you will get top-notch services gentlemen style, beard trim, shaves and also hot towel massage after shave services. The price is RM60 for a bespoke gent haircut and RM40 for children aged 5 to 12 while shaves will cost you RM20. However, if you are planning to get both haircut and shave, it will cost you a minimum of RM85. To get your hair done here, do book your seats or you can just walk in.