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Pros and Cons of Software Customization

January 3, 2022

Every day, people install software apps in their homes and on their mobile devices. When a user downloads, installs, and launches an app, he or she frequently takes advantage of the ability to customize their app experience through the ‘Settings’ menu that practically every piece of software includes. This is software customization at its most fundamental level, at the level of the individual user and it is mostly a positive thing.

The same phenomenon occurs in work situations where business software is used as well. Essentially, the difference is that the procedure is far more intricate, convoluted, and expansive than it was previously. In collaboration with software providers, professional developer/programmer engineers will fine-tune a fundamental software platform or application and tailor it to meet the specific requirements of a certain organization. Here we have enterprise-level software customization, which can be beneficial, but can also be detrimental in some cases.

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Good Customization

Customizing enterprise software on a fundamental level allows customers to tailor software to the specific operating requirements of their firm. This may entail configuring the software to support precise data throughput rates, deploying the software to support a specific quantity of user base, and determining how much storage or how many big data analytics ‘calls’ the software is capable of performing at a given time period. This is an excellent example of modification.

According to Rick Rider, senior director of product management at Infor, and Massimo Capoccia, senior vice president of technology at Infor, there are further opportunities in business software customization. Both men work for a company that is well-known for its industry-specific cloud applications, which claim to be more tightly connected to final use cases and, as a result, logically, require less customization than their counterparts.

“Taking stock of the conversation, we might conclude that the fundamental nature and concept of personalization have shifted. It can be a nightmare for developers to create custom software because of the IF-THEN logic that needs to be built into the way a piece of cloud mlm software operates.

Overall, though, it is preferable to choose a more specialist product if at all possible. Because, after all, why would you order a pizza from an all-day diner when you could order one from a pizzeria?” Capoccia and Rider from Infor spoke about their company’s products and services during a combined talk.

Bad Customization 

Customization, on the other hand, has a negative side effect. Too much software customization moves consumers too far away from the software vendor’s primary roadmap, which is undesirable. It can be difficult to keep up with product upgrades as a result of this. 

Companies that provide service management platforms go to considerable lengths to demonstrate to customers how they can accomplish more with their platforms while avoiding the need for modification. It is worthwhile for them to put in the time and effort to do so since it will allow them to more easily sell the upgrade cycle, which may consist of a regular cadence of one, two, or more platform updates each year, to their customers.