Effective Ways to Last Longer in Bed

January 13, 2020
Male's Supplement

A lot of men all over the world want to know the secrets to last longer in bed. Truth be told, one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation– a treatable condition that is characterized by the man’s inability to control their ejaculatory responses. Sure, male enhancements pills in Malaysia exist to help with that and it is certainly a viable option, but what other things can you do on your end that will help you complete the race? Well, here are some ways to help you last longer in bed:

Eliminate Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is actually one of the leading causes of primary premature ejaculation. The stress that you give to yourself just by thinking that your ability to please her is not enough can cause you to lose control over your ejaculatory responses. Well, there are certain things that you can do to eliminate that. One is through exercising. A good exercise program can help you lower your stress hormones and release endorphins that can help make you feel good.

Try Different Positions

Did you know that the underside of your penis is the most sensitive part of your reproductive organ? Well, any sex position that targets that specific area will surely lead to finishing the race as quickly as possible. Try different sex positions that do not target that area. Cowgirl and spooning are certainly viable options, but you can experiment with others as well.

Masturbate Before Sex

Masturbating an hour or two before sex can actually help you last longer. That is because once a man ejaculates- either through vaginal penetration or masturbation- they will experience a brief time of desensitization known as the refractory period. If you are in this state, you will buy more time for yourself since you are not going to feel the same sensations as you did the first time you came.

Use Desensitizing Products

You can try using desensitizing products like gels, creams, or sprays that will help numb your penis for a short time. Some well-known products include the STUD100 and Promescent; the latter of which is slowly becoming the go-to product mainly because it gets absorbed by the penis rather quickly than other products out there.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Women are forgiving of their partners, especially if they know what’s bothering them. So, if you are suffering from performance anxiety (which is one of the leading causes of PE), then communicating with your partner about how you feel will let them help you ease through the problem.

Take Your Time

Some men who ejaculate way too quickly may have approached sex the wrong way. You have to learn how to take things slowly. Thrust your penis and be mindful of every thrust. That way, you can control your urges and help you last longer in bed.

Make Her Orgasm First

Women orgasm differently than men in that they look at the overall package as opposed to just the penetration. Focus on foreplay and clitoral stimulation and I promise you that she will orgasm first before you do.

Take Supplements

Vitamin supplements can help supply your body with the right nutrients to help improve overall health. Male enhancement supplements can also be taken to help you improve your sexual health.