Good Reasons Why Luxury Watches Are Better Than Smartwatches

February 10, 2020
CIGA Watches

There is no denying the existence of smartwatches in the market. Ever since its mainstream inception, smartwatches have become quintessential in the lives of many; especially for people who are always on the go. Despite the fact that smartwatches do provide a lot of things to the user, I would argue that luxury watches, like those automatic watches made by Swiss companies, are still better from a horological standpoint. In this article, I will provide some good reasons why luxury watches are better than smartwatches.

They Look Better

Which one looks better: A smartwatch or a luxury watch? The clear winner here, without a doubt, is the luxury watch. The beauty of these watches is the fact that it comes with a lot of different designs that suit different tastes. When you think about a smartwatch, you are only limited to only having a round or square watch face and nothing much else, other than a digital display. Just look up some of the best skeleton watches and you can see that in terms of aesthetics, luxury watches win by a mile.

They Don’t Have Issues with Battery

Wearable technology like smartwatches provides plenty of different features to the user. You could say that it is indeed an extension of a smartphone that is put on someone’s wrist. Even though you can do a lot of things with such a wearable tech, the main problem here is its battery life. There are smartwatches out there that can survive a couple of days without charging, but there are those that would need charging every day. For luxury watches? If you own an automatic watch with a pretty good rotor (for maximum power reserve), you need not change any batteries at all.

They Provide Much Better Value Over Time

There is a reason why a lot of people consider gifting their loved ones with luxury watches and that is because their horological value always improves over time. For instance, if you are holding on to a Rolex watch that was made in the 70s, you could sell that for over a million dollars (or more) in the used market today. Don’t ever think about selling your smartwatch because no one will buy it. That is because every year, companies would release a new version of the product with far better specifications than what you currently own. That notion could change in the future, but as it stands now, luxury watches fare so much better in the long run.

They Are Sturdier

In spite of the fact that smartwatch makers always think about the device’s durability in each and every iteration, it still doesn’t beat the quality that luxury watches have. Just take watches from Audemars Piguet or Cartier, for example. The Cartier Tank is one of the best examples of fine craftsmanship. The said watch doesn’t only look good but it is also built to last from the get-go. In fact, if you have a vintage model in your grasp, you could sell that for more than $2 million.