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The most common sex toy injuries, as well as tips for preventing them

December 28, 2021
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From small scratches to when things get stuck, here’s how to respond to sex toy mishaps.

Most people who read the tabloids or lifestyle magazines have heard at least a few horror stories concerning mishaps and injuries caused by the use of sex toys. 

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Here are just a few cases: A butt plug is pulled up into someone’s ass and becomes firmly lodged in the ass of that person. When a cock ring becomes trapped on someone’s penis, it causes “penile strangulation,” which is the cessation of blood flow to the penis. In the course of their ride, someone is caught in a web of ropes and/or chains, and they are thrown to the ground, where they are severely injured.

According to Lisa Finn, a sex educator linked with the toy store chains Babeland and Good Vibrations, “fortunately, these mistakes aren’t very often.” The injuries caused by sex toys are also typically minor imagine simple scratches, bruises, and skin irritation and do not require medical attention. In recent studies of emergency room visits involving sex toys, it has been discovered that accidents have been increasing over the previous decade or so. 

Nonetheless, sexual health specialists believe that this is only a reflection of the fading of social stigmas surrounding sex and toys, which has resulted in a continuous growth in usage and, possibly, a higher propensity to seek medical attention following catastrophes. Visit Secret Cherry sex toy store Malaysia

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Many of the “sex toy” injuries that have been recorded may not truly involve sex toys at all, but rather everyday things that have been repurposed as makeshift devices. For the simple reason that they were not intended for sexual use, household objects are not appropriate sex toys, argues Amy Boyajian, owner of the sex toy boutique Wild Flower. “Sure, everyone loves anything that can do multiple things at once,” she says. 

When it comes to penis owners, Boyajian says, “I’ve heard of folks employing key rings as cock rings, only to find that they’re unable to get them off once the penis is erect.” “A number of people have reported using cooking and cleaning products as lubes, only to have them irritate, burn, or go rancid as a result. Many people have reported using dildos and vibrators, only to find that they were cut, scraped, or pinched as a result of the usage of these devices. This occurs frequently in sensitive locations. If you love gambling online, click here.

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Get Dirty, But Stay Clean

In spite of the fact that excellent sex is frequently messy and exploratory, sexual health specialists emphasize that if we want to avoid issues, it is essential that we all be meticulous with our toys. The act of moving a toy from one anus to another, or from one vagina to another, without completely cleaning it in between each use is a fantastic method to spread bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms throughout your body. In addition to the danger of sexually transmitted infection transmission, sharing a toy with a partner with whom you would not normally employ barrier protection increases the chance of sexually transmitted infection transmission. 

A toy left on the floor after use and not properly cleaned may cause germs or irritants to build up on it, raising the risk of irritation or infection if it is used on sensitive tissue, such as around an abrasion or tear, the next time it is played with.