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The New Sensation To The NFT Community?

January 20, 2022

Do you know that selling a picture of yourself to NFT companies can actually gain a lot more profit than you can actually expect? Well, this happened to someone recently. To know more, keep on reading this article.

So, before we jump into the topic, allow me to explain what NFT means. NFT is actually a software technology called the non fungible token. It is a trading platform that helps you trade while keeping you updated on the trading that you do, but the interesting part of this NFT platform is, most of the trading is not physical money, whereas it is actually a token. This token is called non fungible for a reason, because, as it can’t be faked or replaced by any other non fungible tokens. 

Now with that being said, how did someone recently secure an earning from it? Well the story goes this way, it is known that Ghozali, who hails from Indonesia, has been taking pictures of himself sitting in front of a computer for the past 5 decades. It all started in the year 2017 when Ghozali abruptly began to take pictures of himself, which have now become quite a collection thanks to his smart move that he decided to sell those pictures through the OpenSea app which is NFT trading app to avoid any copyright issue.

Latest nft news

One thing led to another, the pictures that were taken were converted into NFT and were set to sell in the trading app, where the pictures were bought and sold into NFT platforms which estimated Ghozali ‘s profit to about US$986,485 million in Ethereum. Ghozali’s collection now is available on the OpenSea platform. And who knew that taking pictures of yourself daily can actually be turned into an earning.

Moreover, to further explain NFT, the way NFT works is, it helps you secure your own copyright. With that said, the thing that Ghozali did was a smart move, because he was able to mint his collection and make it sure by buying the NFT, so that his ownership over his own collection is protected and would not be able to be forged by a third party. How? Well it is simple, the NFT turns your digital assets like Ghozali’s collection into one of a kind, by creating a digital signature or mark which defines you the copyright and ownership of the assets that are able to be bought and sold by other NFT parties for real money using the NFT platform itself.

Amazing isn’t it? Thanks to the latest nft news caused by Ghozali ‘s hardwork and uncertain luck that have turned his life for a better purpose. Adding to this, the  latest NFT news have also educated people on the genius invention of this technology that can be a big help, if you are someone who owns and creates digitized art that can be easily hacked or forged by someone else.

Latest nft news