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Things to Be Proud of as a Malaysian

August 29, 2021

This year, as we honour Malaysia’s Day and our Independence Day, we’ve taken a break to reflect on why we appreciate the nation so much, and even in the meantime, we’ve realised how fortunate we are to have lived here. The tie that Malaysians share for one another is one that cannot be conveyed in words. Malaysia has always been my most favourite place due to its cultural uniqueness, stunning scenery, gastronomy, and many other factors. Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the greatest countries in which to spend most of our life. Even if you are working with the best forex brokers in Malaysia, it’s never too late to appreciate and be proud of Malaysia and our fellow Malaysians. Thus, we’re here to tell you about what we enjoy about being Malaysian.

  • Food

FOOD! That is what all Malaysians will universally agree on as being the most important aspect of our country. We can’t live without our favourite national dishes and mamak dinners. Isn’t it fantastic that we can obtain meals on every public street at any moment of day or night? It is absolutely something we are all proudest of, and it is what we would consider Malaysia to be – a gastronomic paradise. With our satisfied tummies, we have nothing else to whine about, from Malay cuisines to Iban cuisines to fusion dishes! Forget about losing weight.

  • Diversity

This is so frequently mentioned that we forget how beautiful a diverse country like ours truly is. We often hear how wonderful (and intriguing to tourists) it is to be able to order food in more than three different languages in one sentence. But do we truly appreciate how lovely it is? The allure of a multilingual country is found in the mundane – an Indian gentleman ordering food in Malay from a Chinese man at a hawker stall; a Chinese girl speaking in English with a Malay woman. Our nation’s core is diversity. We might not communicate in the same language, yet, we still understand each other in some manner.

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  • Tallest twin towers

The prominent twin buildings are self-explanatory. Then again, they were the tallest structure on the planet from 1998 to 2004. Notwithstanding being “overtaken,” the Petronas Towers retain the distinction of being the world’s highest twin towers. The landmark skyscraper, which stands 451.9m tall and has 88 floors on each structure, remains the focal point of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to marvel at its architecture and unusual construction.

  • Beautiful scenery

Malaysia is well-known for its beautiful surroundings. Malaysia has consistently been mentioned in practically every article about nature and animals as one of the top countries for its breathtaking views and fantastic holiday spots. Malaysia has numerous gorgeous mountains that constantly excite my courageous soul as an explorer who enjoys hiking along scenic paths and spending time with nature. Malaysia is known for its many tropical rainforests, but it is also home to the iconic Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in the country, immaculate beaches such as stunning Pulau Redang and Pulau Tioman and wonderfully sculpted landscapes like Sabah’s Danum Valley.

  • Malaysia is abundant in resources

We may not realise it, but we are treading on incredibly blessed soil, rich in legacy, culture, and food. Malaysia possesses natural resources that many other countries can only dream of. From palm oil to petroleum, we have several of the world’s most important resources in our hands, but we often overlook how unique and valuable our nation is. In addition, we are home to some of the most spectacular and unique flora and animals, such as the hornbill and the Rafflesia. We can’t dispute that these things distinguish us distinct, and we’re proud to call Malaysia home.