What Are the Most Important Features that You Need to Get Out of Shared Web Hosting?

June 20, 2019
Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common type of hosting services being offered by the best web hosting companies in Malaysia. It is inexpensive, it has all of the features that most websites will need, as well as a host of other features as well.

That being said, not a lot of people know exactly what features to look for when they are going to get a shared hosting plan. The good thing for you is that I am going to talk about them in this article.

Bandwidth and Storage

One of the things that website owners should think about is the speed and performance of their website. That means that you have to think about bandwidth and traffic speed when you are looking for a shared web host.

Also, a website that has a lot of files will also require a lot of storage. For the most part, hosting services already give you ample amounts of storage for your needs.

However, if you do have plenty of files on your website, then I suggest that you upgrade to a much bigger plan when you need it.

Technical Support

When you are going to use the admin panel of your hosting account, it may contain a lot of options that are too much for the layman to comprehend. That is why customer and technical support is needed.

You want to be able to fix any problems that may surface and a hosting company that has reliable customer support is an entity that you want to sign up to.

Server Uptime

The premise of shared hosting is that you will be sharing resources with other website owners. In some cases, this can affect the performance of your website, especially if other websites are hogging up all of the resources.

Still, you want to go with a hosting provider that is able to give you at least 98% server uptime (100% isn’t realistic, so do not be fooled by this advertising scheme).

Furthermore, ask what server setups a hosting provider is using. In more secure bases, they use RAID configuration and may include server backups from time to time.

Software Installation

There are some admin interfaces given by hosting companies that are pretty easy to use, so I suggest first-time buyers to also look for this quality when looking for a provider.

That being said, cPanel seems to be the most common admin panel, but there are also some amazing alternatives including zPanel, Virtualmin, Webmin, and many others.

The control panel is a very important feature in that it gives you a wealth of information that you can use to improve your website.

Moreover, it provides a wealth of different settings that you can toggle as per your liking.


Because web hosting services are vying for the top spot and they want to woo customers into signing up, some will provide additional perks on top of their base services. Although this is not an important consideration, but you can look at each company and see what bonuses you like.