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4 Types of Web Design That You Should Know

August 20, 2021

Website is one of the essentials that you need to have if you own a business. Online platform is something that will give you a number of benefits that are beneficial for you as the owner and also your consumers. You can post a number of videos explaining about your brand, put posters, infographic information and also can help your customer’s buying process.

If you look out on the internet, you can see that there are actually a lot of types of website design that you can see. And all of them actually have different functions, so before you build any website for your business make sure you know which type of website is suitable for the products that you are selling.

Malaysia web design company

1.       Blogs

Truthfully speaking, blog is the easiest form of a website but gives you a lot of benefits. You can write and post everything in a blog even in the form of stories. People will always read blogs when they want to know about a product. A blog includes essays, photographs, and videos that are constantly updated. Blogs began with more informal, personal material. When you write things that are close to the reader’s heart, there are higher chance that they will be more interested in your products.

But bear in mind, a blog can also be time-consuming for smaller businesses. Before you contemplate establishing one, make sure you have a team and a strategy in place to keep material fresh.

2.       Magazine website

A magazine website contains informative and instructive articles, photographs, and videos. Begin by constructing a basic structure if you intend to create a magazine website. Users should see a consistent layout regardless of the day they visit your homepage, and each content should have a consistent style and navigation.

If you are making a magazine website, make sure the layout is readable from laptop and also smartphones. It should be something that people can read without having to struggle finding the pages that they want to read or see. This type of website is usually suitable for fashion or interior designing companies as the readers can easily read this kind of website.

3.       E – commerce website

An e-commerce website is an online shopping location where customers may buy your company’s products or services. A well-designed e-commerce website makes it simple to explore items, sort them by category, highlight special sales, and make purchases. It can be quite hard to make it yourselves because you have to know what types of templates will suit your e-commerce website. You can hire any Malaysian web design company to help you with it.

Your staff will be able to simply update online inventory and add new goods. Furthermore, because the system is linked, sales, logistics, and marketing are all kept up to date on what’s working well.

4.       Portfolio website

This type of website is usually suitable for those who have services business such as photography, designing, writers, handmade furniture builders and anything else that requires them to show their previous project.

Concentrate on categorizing stuff and emphasizing the finest work from each category. A portfolio website is more creative by natures, therefore this is the area to experiment with different layouts and fascinating features.