What manga series should you read?

August 2, 2022
newest manga series that are trending

Let’s have a look not just at the newest manga series that are trending but also at some old favourites. 

Hunter x Hunter

Hunters are elite society members capable of discovering what is concealed, from rare species of animals to hidden treasure hoards, undiscovered frontiers to lawless individuals, in the dense and complex world of Togashi Yoshihiro’s manga. When our hero Gon Freecs learns that his father, whom he thought was dead, is a world-renowned Hunter, he sets out to locate him, leaving his home to take the Hunter Examination. What follows is a whirlwind of tournament battles, training action scenes, puzzles, trickery, and devious set-ups. While the series’ events become increasingly strange, its characters remain so unexpected and complex that the series could seemingly go on indefinitely and still hold the reader’s interest.

Death Note

newest manga series that are trending

What if you had the ability to inflict ultimate justice on anyone in the world — with no apparent consequences or way of tracing it back to you? That is the perilous situation in which Light Yagami finds himself in Death Note. Light is a teen who discovers a mysterious notebook with the ability to murder anyone whose name appears on its pages. His motives are noble as he embarks on a mission to free the world of illegal activity, but things quickly become complicated. Light will soon be pursued by an elite police task force. Can he keep his liberty, or will someone else’s interpretation of justice catch up with him first?

Attack on Titan

It’s 845, and the last of humanity is huddled inside a three-walled town, held captive by their sheer terror of the gigantic humanoid Titans who lie in wait beyond its walls. Hajime Isayama’s stunning artwork tells the story of Eren, a boy who lives on the edge of the city, under the shadow of Wall Maria. When that barrier is breached and his mother is devoured, Eren decides to join the fight against the Titans by entering the military, where he uncovers a mystical ability. A word of caution: this gloomy and sombre manga is not for people who easily become attached to characters, as their chances of surviving to the final pages are…slim.


Akira is an innovative series that defined the cyberpunk genre in the manga scenery. It was one of the initial and best manga to ever be fully translated into English. Set twenty years after the destruction of Tokyo by an explosion, civilization has since been reconstructed on a man-made- made island known as Neo-Tokyo. To prevent further destruction of their home, the head of a biker gang, a Colonel, a powerful revolutionary, and a group of psychic “espers’ ‘ gather here. What is the danger? A telekinetic named “Akira” — who may have already wrecked more havoc than the unlikely band of warriors had anticipated.


newest manga series that are trending

This historical fiction manga is set during China’s Warring States period. Kingdom, centred on a war orphan, tells the story of one boy’s rise from nothing to emerge as the greatest leader under the heavens. Kingdom provides no lack of breathless activity and suspense as it pulls readers deep into this intriguing period in China’s history, complete with courtly mystery and even a double for the king.